Nobuhle Zwane: Umoya Oyingcwele

My name is Nobuhle Precious Zwane, born in Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal in the year 1979. I grew up in Newcastle, then relocate to Johannesburg in 1999 for the purpose of employment. My talent in singing was developed at our local church in Newcastle. I further continued to participate in local talent shows at my school and community. I owe my spiritual growth to the Universal church I attend in La Rochelle, where Iam a lead singer in the choir. The Universal church I attend has a membership of 400 congregations consisting of a combined attendance of over 500 000 strong. This lead to my involvement in the Universal choir, which travels the Southern part of Africa extensively. My passion for what I do is inspired by the fact that I am a born again Christian and love worshipping my Creator. “Ukumazi Usomandla” my first recorded albumn was released last year in September 2009.

I know that with much perserverance that this new albumn “Umoya Oyingcwele” will explode to fruition. Most of these songs have been composed by myself. “I Thank You” is dedicated to my Creator, who picked me up from the bottom and made me into what I am and I trust Him completely with my future. “Khuluma Nami” is attributed to my steadfastness in God, for He has planted me firmly where I am. “Kunzima” was birth in the process of all the hardship I endured through my career, and shows my gratitude for God’s fulfillment of His promises. “Siyakala” reflects my pleading to God for His compassion regarding this dreaded disease of the HIV that we as a nation face. “Shiy ‘Umthwalo” speaks of the Return of the Lord and encourages people to repent and prepare for His second coming. “Yin ‘Onyfuna Kimi” is directed to the powers of darkness, commanding them to flee from my family and I. The title song, “Umoya Oyingcwele”, is directed to the work of the Holy Spirit, and encourages people to seek God’s presence everyday and listen to the still small voice of God. “Wakgazulwa” is a traditional hymn depicting the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross. “Udlalile Ngami”, is a song of pain, motivating people to live together in harmony through difficult circumstance respecting each other despite all the odds. “El – Shaddai” the first song on the albumn is a song that inspires me to continue in what God has called me to, for He has made provision for me and my family through very trying and challenging times. My prayer is that this albumn will speak to the very heart of it’s listeners and restore them into a fruitful relationship with God.


01. El-Shaddai
02. I Thank You
03. Khuluma Nami
04. Kunzima
05. Shi ‘Yumthwalo
06. Siyakhala
07. Yini ‘Oyfunakimi
08. Umoya Oyigcwele
09. Wakgazulwa
10. Udlalile Ngami