Orlando Venhereque: Healing Africa

Orlando Venhereque is a musician & composer (Tenor, Soprano Saxophones and Flute) based in Cape Town, South Africa.

He started his music career playing clarinet in 1991 at Escola Nascional de Musica, in Maputo, Mozambique. At that time he was studying classical music, where he left after 4 years to join private jazz lessons with musicians and professors in Mozambique.

In 1997, he moved from clarinet to Saxophones and flute. He embarked on various workshops and private jazz lessons with different musicians both local and international. He has performed with the likes of Jimmy Dludlu, Khumalo, Marcus Wyatt, Judith Sephuma, Loading Zone, and many other great musicians. This was his platform to gain knowledge about jazz, improvisation and world music.

In 2004 he toured Portugal for six months,  with Timbila Muzimba Equestrian (traditional group from Mozambique). At the end of 2004 he relocated to the middle east (U.A.E) where he worked in clubs as a sideman for bands and musical groups coming from all around the world until 2006.

In 2007 he decided to make Cape Town his new home where he is currently lives and works with local bands and musicians. Since becoming established in Cape Town, he has been a regular sideman in a band led by Jimmy Dludlu.

In October 2009 he was invited to be part of Mozambique special week in Denmark, teaching Mozambican music at the Rhythmic Music Conservator. He also performed at concerts in Sweden and Denmark (with Deodato Siquir and Banda De Maputo Project). During the FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010 he played with Hassan’adas.

He finished recording his debut album, “Healing Africa“, in December 2010, which was officially launched at the Cape Town International Jazz festival 2011.


01. Somos Africanos
02. When you left me
03. Prelude
04. Minhas dores
05. Hamba
06. Healing Africa
07. Sounds of freedom
08. Now or never
09. Grassy Park
10. I’ll be back for you
11. Kanimambo Cynthia
12. Mano Kito
13. New Age