Rowick Deep: Unleashed

Firebrand club Dj and house music producer, Rowick Deep has dug deep into his ocean of inspiration to unleash one of the definitive house albums of 2011.

‘Unleashed’ will be released by Lolhiphop Records in April 2011. The album marks the maturity of a career that has been characterised by ups and downs, but one which has through commitment and originality, rewarded Rowick Deep with the emblem of a pioneer of South African house.

The album features the cream of local and international vocal talent, including RJ Benjamin, Auriol Hays, Genevieve, Che Cherry and Steven Lee.

Songs such as ‘Ice Queen’ featuring Kay (Coca-cola popstars winner), ‘Good Stuff’ featuring Antonio Lyons, and ‘Can’t let you go’ featuring Wax, can already be heard across radio stations from 5fm to Yfm. But ‘Personal Angel’ stands out with promise to become a 2011 megahit after charting on several radio stations barely two weeks after its release.

Rowick Deep has vast experience in the house music industry. He mixed and compiled the album House vs. Latino with DJ Vernon, as well as 45 BPM with the Heavy D Krew (a project which became one of the biggest selling dance compilations). He also compiled two editions of the popular Loxion House Kulcha series, producing a number of international hits. He held a residency at one of Pretoria’s hottest night clubs, Voodoo Lounge with Sisco, Bubbles and Black Coffee, but took a four-year break from the music industry before returning with his first solo album, ‘Music is life’.

“Music is Life gave me a chance to express myself as a musician, as it was the first time I produced all the songs myself,” he said.

“This album ‘Unleashed’, is inspired by the deep bond I have developed with my listeners and club-goers, and it is a continuation of my self-expression as a music creator and producer. The album combines both commercial and deep house rhythms to deliver a fresh sound that is as musically relevant as it is club-banging.”

With a growing number of hits coming from ‘Unleashed’, one thing is sure: Rowick Deep is back with a bang, and ready to claim his position at the top of South African House.


  1. Only you and me (feat. Abi and Petula Daniels)
    02. Deeper than the ocean (feat. Auriol Hays)
    03. Personal angel (feat. Maxine Bennett)
    04. I got love for you (feat. Genevieve)
    05. I can love you (feat. Steven Lee)
    06. Music is life (rodeep remix remix feat. Megan Pringle)
    07. Drive (feat. Nombongo)
    08. Good stuff (feat. Antonio Lyons)
    09. Gravity (feat. Che Cherry)
    10. Can’t let you go (feat. Wax)
    11. Take me to a place (feat. Petula Daniels)
    12. Pressure (feat. RJ Benjamin)
    13. Ice queen( feat Kay Icequeen)
    14. Breakthrough (feat. Morzaq def Village)